Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Why are we talking about Ketamine?

Ketamine and psychotherapy, together offer a deep dive into transformational healing.

A few of the potential benefits of this type of therapy:

▸ allows for deeper access to our core essence

▸ invites the inner witness to come online

▸ exploration of our survival (defense) mechanisms that inform our perception and responses

▸ exploration of transgenerational and transpersonal trauma

▸ integration of body, mind and spirit

What is ketamine? Ketamine is a molecule that has been used as a dissociative anesthetic since the 1960s. Effectively and safely, it induces a trance like state providing relief from pain.

Ketamine alters global neuronal connectivity allowing for improved mood and eases rigidity. Studies conclude that ketamine treatment provides beneficial relief for people suffering with PTSD, depression and addiction.

Since the early 2000’s ketamine had been recognized to have significant anti-depressant effects. In 2019 the FDA approved ketamine for use in treating individuals for depression.

Ketamine is versatile. It can be administered intravenously, intranasally, orally or intramuscular. Different modes of administration highlight different benefits.

For individuals suffering with treatment resistant depression and suicidality, intravenous infusions have been shown to be most effective when administered in a series of sessions. KAP as an adjunct to the therapeutic process requires less frequent dosing. Oral and intramuscular are both effective for KAP.

The oral administration comes on slower and is a more gentle experience. Utilizing this route of administration clients are more available for talk therapy this is the form we refer to as psycholytic therapy.

The intramuscular injection offers the same benefit as the oral with the addition of a short-lived dissociative experience. This more intense experience offers the potential for mystical transformative psychedelic experiences.

A series of ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions can offer profound transformative experiences. KAP facilitates this process by accelerating one’s access to insights and augments the psychotherapeutic process.

A leading benefit of KAP is that it can help dissolve conscious and unconscious defenses allowing for greater insight and change. KAP can allow us to re-experience and remember parts of our life without the associated emotional charge of the memory, it allows for an emotional disconnection of sorts creating the opportunity for us to re-integrate the story without the pain.

How does KAP work?

To ensure maximum benefit from KAP, we combine our research, knowledge and experience to co-create the set and setting most conducive to the healing environment.

Set refers to the mindset of the individual. Through discussion, background information gathering, and specifying your specific goals, we develop a KAP treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Setting refers to the physical space which we have cultivated to support your feeling of safety and personal growth.

The stages of KAP: assessment, preparation, ketamine session and integration.

Assessment: This is the initial meeting with a clinician where medical and psychiatric baseline information is gathered to determine an individual’s suitability for treatment. KAP is not for everyone.

Preparation: This is an informative session(s) designed to answer any questions about the process, address concerns and educate the client for best results. Here we spend time considering an individual’s readiness, motivation and intention for the treatment. Some clients benefit from several preparatory meetings.

Ketamine: Administration is done safely, in a medically supervised environment. The physical space is uniquely structured with intention for individuals to drop into the experience deeply and comfortably.

Integration: This is the therapeutic process that takes place after the ketamine administration. This work involves the processing of insights and information we had access to during the altered state and the days that follow. Over time one can develop new perspectives and improve cognitive and psychological flexibility. Integration is an ongoing process and where most benefits are derived. During integration we have the opportunity to reimagine the stories we live and gain insight into how those stories continue to affect us. A series of ketamine sessions can allow for new ways of thinking and lead to sustained change.

Ketamine sessions can bring up deeply held unconscious thoughts and beliefs and integration is an opportunity to find meaning and purpose in what we discover. Integration becomes a relevant opportunity to begin new healthy habits such as meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and appreciation for the beauty all around us and of course, new possibilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: psychedelics are known as non-specific amplifiers, therefore they can create a greater space for healing as well as a greater feeling of vulnerability. While Ketamine is not traditionally a psychedelic, ketamine used in the setting of Ketamine assisted psychotherapeutic healing can create a psychedelic experience and therefore an amplification of one’s emotional state. It is important not to rush into these deeper experiences without preparation and support

* Disclaimer: Ketamine is the only transformative psychedelic we prescribe. Ketamine therapy is not appropriate for everyone. We do not promote or provide any illegal substances. We do support harm reduction but not the abuse or misuse of any illegal substances.

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