Welcome to home-LA

Clinician-run, transformational healing center committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. Specializing in Trauma- Informed Psychotherapy, Pharmacology and Addiction Treatment.

Our mission is to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for people struggling with mental illness and addictions.
We are multi-disciplinary team of clinicians with decades of experience in psychopharmacology, addiction, psychiatry, psychedelics, spirituality and psychology. Uniquely, we are positioned to bring forward a new paradigm of care by complimenting modern medical best practices with ceremonial healing wisdom. We draw from neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, and eastern traditions to create profound healing opportunities and sustained change. Defining the highest market standards of trauma-informed psychedelic-assisted therapy, integration, training, and education.

Individual, Couples,
and Group Therapy

Our team of therapists draw from a  variety of modalities from psychoanalysis to somatic experiencing , brain spotting, EMDR, internal family systems, dynamic and behavioral therapies. We emphasize the relational model. Many of these modalities can be enhanced with low-dose ketamine psycholytic dosing.   Psycholytic dosing  can soften ones conscious and unconscious defenses, amplifying the psychotherapeutic healing relationship.

Intensive Individualized Program

Have you been learning about different ways Psychedelics may be used to address personal growth and healing? We offer a comprehensive consultation to help individuals discover their learning edge and co-create a personalized approach.  Immersive  therapeutic experiences may include ketamine assisted psychotherapy,  medication management, psychotherapy, bodywork, meditation and more.

Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative psychiatry refers to looking at the whole person not just one’s psyche.  A full consultation encompasses diagnostics such as genetic testing, bloodwork, and therapeutics. These will help elucidate any underlying root causes of imbalances leading to mental health symptoms. After a thorough evaluation period, we will collaboratively arrive upon a treatment plan to help you toward your goal of achieving mental health stability and eventually optimization. We consider the breadth of therapeutic options such as lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, sleep, treatment with supplements, mind-body work, psychotherapy, and medication.

Psychedelic Integration

Integration is a contemplative process of exploring ways to make meaning of what was discovered during psychedelic medicine sessions.  And the actionable ways to bring a greater sense of health, wholeness and wellness in a sustained fashion into your body, spirit, soul, lifestyle and relationships.  This work can be done individually or in groups and includes many modalities from therapeutic support, bodywork, breath work, energy and shamanic healing and more.

 Step Down

As clients complete residential care, some are ready for trauma work and some are working to stabilize and integrate new lifestyles. We offer a container to support developing accountability as clients explore new behavior patterns.  Wraparound services include case management, career planning, psychotherapy, medication management and ongoing personalization of an individual’s recovery.  We honor the delicate balance between structure and freedom as clients find their way.

Curated Group Experiences

Since the beginning of time psychedelics have been used  in health and healing, to broaden consciousness,  in rites of  passage and  community building. Intentional and ceremonial use of psychedelic medicine has the potential to offer transformative experiences and gathering together amplifies the power of what is possible. At Home-La  we are honored to co-creative and support personalized healing journeys.

Dr Eva Altobelli MD, Addiction Psychiatry

As an addiction psychiatrist for the past 15 years I have evolved to specialize in complex PTSD. It has been a heartbreaking journey at times. I am currently feeling hopeful and energized with the impending rescheduling of psychedelic therapy. I feel passionate about creating a space where we safely offer healing, create community and educate clinicians, policy makers as well as the public.

My mission is to address the mental health crisis by shifting the way we look at it, to see things from a broader angle inviting understanding and compassion. The vision is to be part of the changing face of mental health treatment.

The HOME-LA team seeks to educate and collaborate with leaders within our community to consider the benefits of psychedelic medicine, to increase empathy and allow for a greater sense of equality and harmony—-within ourselves, within families, within communities, within countries, between countries, and the Earth.

HOME-LA offers this integrative treatment approach through donations to underserved populations, 501C3 Pending.

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy in an atmosphere that feels like home

At Home-La, we offer ketamine, assisted psychotherapy with an emphasis on the relational model of therapy. Every person is treated as an individual and every relationship is unique. Whether we meet and have one session to unblock obstacles, or have a series of sessions to address a long-held system of beliefs, we see the path to healing as a journey we take together. We appreciate the vulnerability and courage it takes to explore this healing path and look forward to supporting you on the journey.