Welcome to home-LA

Clinician-run, transformational healing center committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. Specializing in Trauma- Informed Psychotherapy, Pharmacology and Addiction Treatment.

Our mission is to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for people struggling with mental illness and addictions.
We are multi-disciplinary clinicians with decades of experience in psychopharmacology, addiction, psychiatry, psychedelics, spirituality and psychology. Uniquely, we are positioned to bring forward a new paradigm of care by complimenting modern medical best practices with ceremonial healing wisdom. We draw from neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, and eastern traditions to create profound healing opportunities and sustained change. Defining the highest market standards of trauma-informed psychedelic-assisted therapy, integration, training, and education.

Psychedelic Education

Educational opportunities for clinician to learn about ketamine, psychedelics, and best clinical practices as well as experientials.

Individual, Couples,
and Group Therapy

Integrative psychiatric care. Psychedelic-assisted therapy, integration and supportive adjunctive therapies.

Intensive Individualized Program

Immersive therapeutic experience may include ketamine assisted psychotherapy, integration, psychotherapy, bodywork, meditation and more.

Clinician Collaboration

 We partner with clinicians and their clients interested in ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Contact us at info@home-la.com to collaborate.

Dr Eva Altobelli MD, Addiction Psychiatry

As an addiction psychiatrist for the past 15 years I have evolved to specialize in complex PTSD. It has been a heartbreaking journey at times. I am currently feeling hopeful and energized with the impending rescheduling of psychedelic therapy. I feel passionate about creating a space where we safely offer healing, create community and educate clinicians, policy makers as well as the public.

My mission is to address the mental health crisis by shifting the way we look at it, to see things from a broader angle inviting understanding and compassion. The vision is to be part of the changing face of mental health treatment.

HOME-LA offers this integrative treatment approach through donations to underserved populations, 501C3 Pending. Please Contact To Donate.

The HOME-LA team seeks to educate and collaborate with leaders within our community to consider the benefits of psychedelic medicine, to increase empathy and allow for a greater sense of equality and harmony—-within ourselves, within families, within communities, within countries, between countries, and the Earth.

Dr Altobelli & Andrew Susskind

A conversation between Dr. Altobelli and Andrew Susskind (a specialist in addiction and sexuality). In this podcast we discuss therapeutic uses of ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin in psychiatry. Direct links are below.



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