Appointments & Rates

For new clients we welcome you to come visit us at our office location,1218 6th St., Santa Monica, CA. If unable to come to the office we have some virtual appointments available. If you are interested in a Psychiatric appointment please book an ‘initial psychiatric appointment’ with either Dr. Eva Altobelli or the nurse practitioner. Follow -ups and medication management appointments are available in 20, 30, or 50 minute sessions, in-person or virtual.

For new Ketamine clients, please click on the Ketamine Scheduling tab below to setup your appointments. Then the initial contact can be scheduled with any of the listed ketamine clinicians. Medical and psychiatric clearance is required prior to booking a ketamine session.

Price Ranges

Pricing depends on the clinician and duration. For specific pricing, please refer to this pricing sheet.

  • Psychiatry
    • Initial psychiatric exam: $350-750
    • Follow up: $125-500
  • Therapy
    • Initial evaluation: $300
    • 50-minute session: $300
  • Ketamine
    • Medical clearance: $125-300
    • Ketamine injection (optional): $250-300
    • Ketamine intake/prep: $300
    • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: $900-1250
    • Low-dose Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: $600-675
  • Bodyworks
    • Bodyworks: $200-900

Please note that our doctors and therapists are not members of any insurance networks.

Feel free to call 424-877-1333, or email us at for more information.