Trainings, Events & Workshops

We offer a range of trainings; from introduction to psychedelic healing to comprehensive and experiential. The intensive work is designed to prepare therapists to feel comfortable working with clients in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers therefore they can create a larger space for healing as well as a larger feeling a vulnerability. Our goal is to begin the training process, the process of learning how to be our most authentic selves and help people access the core of their essence will be an ongoing process for both therapist and client alike. To register, email:

Psychedelic Retreat in Jamaica April 27 – May 3rd, 2023

Please note that this beautiful and soul affirming trip is intentional space for personal growth and exploration. This retreat is not meant to diagnose or treat mental health or addictive disorders.

Please click here for the Jamaica Retreat Information!


KAP Consultation Group – HOME Groups

Dr. Eva Altobelli is offering a 4-week Ketamine Consultation Group. This Consultation group is to support clinicians integrating Ketamine supported Psychotherapy (KAP) into practice:

During our meetings we will discuss : The variety of different ways Ketamine and the emerging psychedelic field can be helpful for clients. We will explore the different dosing structure and routes of administration for Ketamine, and have case presentations.

**This is by pre-approval only** Please email us at with your interest.

Limit 8 Attendees per each group. $500 for four meetings

Group #1 Wednesdays: 1/25, 2/22, 3/22 & 4/19 12:00 – 1:00 PM PST on Zoom.

Group #2 Thursdays: 4/13, 5/11, 6/8 & 7/6 12:00-1:00 PM PST on Zoom.

Clinician Experiential

Home-LA offers experiential sessions to clinicians interested in understanding the ketamine assisted therapeutic process. Our goal is to strengthen the alliance within the therapeutic community. The format is two group meetings and one individual meeting for clearance. The individual clearance appointment can be booked in advance of the first session.

Group Meeting #1: Two-hour virtual, informative, Q&A , preparatory session. This gives us the opportunity to connect, discussion intentions and prepare for the journey ahead.

Group Meeting #2: Three hour ketamine administration meeting. This begins with a check in to reconnect and reorient ourselves to the space, the intention and the group. We then drop in with a grounding meditation to arrive into the space together, followed by ketamine administration and psychedelic sound track. When we ‘return’ to the room and our bodies we begin our group integration with a cup of warm tea .

Meeting Times:

Virtual 4/7 12:00 – 2:00 PM, 4/14 KAP (in-person) 10:00 – 1:00 PM

Total Cost: $850

Advanced Practitioner Group

It is an exciting time to be a psychotherapist. Ongoing research into psychedelic therapies reflects and reveals a changing paradigm in how we view mental health, addiction and recovery. Because the research uncovers as many questions as it answers, clinicians need a space for contemplation and conversation to broaden our perspectives on suffering, healing, and human potential. Ultimately, this work offers us the opportunity to personally evolve and to co-create new healing cultures. This experiential gathering offers an embodied taste of the potential of ketamine assisted psychotherapy for transformational healing for both our clients and ourselves. This is a recurring group consisting of three parts.

  • Meeting #1 Virtual meeting to connect and to make introductions
  • Meeting #2 Ketamine experiential. This begins with a check-in to connect and orient ourselves to the space, the intention and the group. We then ‘drop in’ with a grounding meditation, followed by ketamine administration with a psychedelic soundtrack. When we ‘return’ to the room and our bodies, we begin our group integration with a cup of warm tea.
  • Meeting #3 Virtual meeting the following week for sharing and integration.


Psychedelic Therapy Training – Video/Virtual

These sessions will be able to be downloaded from our site and upon completion you will be invited to a virtual conversation.

Ketamine Training, Video/Virtual

Future Dates, Spring 2023 TBD

  • Lecture #1 Ketamine, The Basics
  • Lecture #2 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Lecture #3 Experiential and Best Practices

More coming soon!

Build Community/Membership

Invitation to co-create community. Offerings include group guided meditation, yoga, breath work, sound baths, psychedelic integration, herbalism, aromatherapy, retreats and more.


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Disclaimer: Ketamine is the only transformative psychedelic we prescribe. Ketamine therapy is not appropriate for everyone. We do not promote or provide any illegal substances. We do support harm reduction but not the abuse or misuse of any illegal substances.